Recipe for a Healthy Home

Since I’ve last posted we have been through quite an adventure with finding a healthy home to live in and conduct our holistic medicine clinic from. This has included having to break a contract of purchase on an acreage which we had our hearts set on for a number of reasons related to home health. As a result I thought I’d share our learning so that all of you have the benefit of knowing what not to do when moving house.


Some of the important elements to look for in a home or office are:

  • The absence of previous water damage. This is probably the most important and relates to the fact that buildings which have been effected by the ingress of water have a number of different byproducts which can deleteriously effect health of the indwellers. These include:
    • mycotoxins, the biotoxins produced by mould species
    • bacterial exotoxins
    • microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs)
    • volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which have been produced by microbial effect on eroding building materials
    • mould fragments and spores
  • The absence of high levels of non-ionising electromagnetic fields including magnetic fields due to nearby power lines, electric circuitry or smart meters and electromagnetic fields due to nearby wireless internet, mobile phone towers etc
  • The absence of asbestos in building materials


These factors appear to be important to everybody however there are certain people that will need to be extra careful with regards to exposure to a water-damaged building. This includes those with impaired HLA genetics. HLA stands for “human leucocyte antigen” and relates to our ability to deal with and successful eradicate foreign substances from our bloodstream. Those with impaired HLA DQ/DR genetics (you can have this checked with a “Coeliac gene disease test” with Labcorp in the USA or from a Sonic group laboratory in Australia), exposure to a water-damaged building can be a recipe for health disaster. More about this soon….

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