Could You Benefit From An Urine Organic Acids Test?

Urine organic acid testing can be an amazing tool. The more I have delved into this test, the more I have started to feel that no other test exists which provides such a wealth of information about a broad range of issues.


In doing an organic acid test a first morning urine sample is collected and sent to a specialty lab. Urine is then analysed for levels of 40 different chemicals, depending on the laboratory you send it to. These 46 chemicals are naturally produced within our bodies. Elevated or low levels can point to blockages in specific chemical pathways. As one simple example, the active forms of the B-vitamin folate are required to convert FIGLU into glutamate (see figure 1). When folate is functionally lacking this creates a kind of “bottle neck” in this chemical pathway, causing a relative backlog or accumulation of FIGLU. Elevated FIGLU is a sensitive marker for folate deficiency. This is called functional testing, as it specifically tests the functioning of a nutrient or chemical pathway in the body.


Figure 1. FIGLU/folate pathway.




Figure 2. Sample section or organic acid report, B vitamins section. In this case xanthurenate was high indicating a B6 deficiency.


B complex vitamins








Along these lines the various substances tested for in the urine organic acid test can point to imbalances in the following areas:

  • Functional vitamin and mineral status
  • Amino acid insufficiencies like carnitine and NAC
  • Oxidative damage and antioxidant need
  • Phase I & Phase II detoxification capacity
  • Neurotransmitter levels (serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline)
  • Mitochondrial energy production
  • Methylation sufficiency
  • Lipoic acid and Coenzyme Q10 status
  • Intestinal bacterial and yeast overgrowth


Organic acid testing can help elucidate the causes of a client’s symptoms. It helps take the guess work out of treatment. For example published research shows many people with migraines experience symptom reduction with Co-enzyme Q10 supplementation to improve cellular energy production. However this only applies to some with migraines, an organic acid test can assess if a specific intervention is relevant to an individual, thereby making treatment individually tailored rather than a one size fits all approach. We are able to prioritize treatments based which key issues are showing imbalanced in your test.



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