Stress and The Quest for More….

I’m writing this blog after having returned from a week in Noosa, a beautiful spot, around an hour away from home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. What really struck me during this week is how foreign and special it felt to be totally at rest and doing nothing.


Doing nothing and being totally at peace seems to have dropped off the radar for many of us caught up in the tentacles of modern life. The advent of email, smartphones and internet seem to have brought a whole new layer of distraction and attention-grabbers that make it harder to enter that place within us called silence.  For many it seems that rest is at the end of “one more email”, “one more Facebook post” or “one more load of washing” which often lead us down a rabbit hole of ever escalating madness.


Underneath all of this most of have delicate stress systems. Most likely we evolved with a good balance between short-lived periods of our “fight and flight” system being activated and then longer periods of being in a “rest and relax” physiology. Once the preverbial sabre-tooth tiger (or whichever other prehistorical threat) was out of sight, we likely rested and restored our delicate adrenal and thyroid glands so as to fight another day.


The problem is for most of us, is that metaphorically speaking, the sabre-tooth tiger is always there in front of us. Whether it be the boss, the smartphone, the internal quest to succeed, or any variation of the above, they keep us in a “fight or flight” physiology and keeps us working our adrenal glands. And just like the employee who we overwork day after day, eventually…. they just are not able to keep up with the demands.


That’s where meditation comes in. Simply put meditation is the art of doing absolutely nothing and simply being present. You don’t have to call it meditation for it to work. However we have to be careful not to just turn it into another item on our “to do” list that we check off with reckless abandon. Rather we want the essence of meditation, which is restful presence, to permeate into the rest of our lives, filling it with an awareness and stillness that transforms each moment.


More about this soon….


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