Tips For Having An Amazing Day

Keeping on top of distractions and on task can be quite a daunting task when phone calls, emails, social networking messages and countless other distractions await us at every step.

For the author, although not an expert, a few simple disciplines have been profoundly helpful in allowing him to keep focused.

1. Dr Stephen Covey coined the phrase “First Things First” in his groundbreaking book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. This habit means focusing on the truly “important” tasks rather than simply “urgent” but truly unimportant tasks. For instance writing a business plan is an example of a proactive and truly important task, while visiting a link about an unrelated topic is neither urgent nor important.

2. Mark Joyner has started a personal effectiveness system called “Simpleology”. You can create an account at his website for free and download some of the tools and even his foundation course “Simpleology 101” for free. This website has a simple daily praxis for identifying important tasks and to schedule them in, as well as looking at factors which may be helping or hindering our main sources of power: time, energy and money.

3. Keep focused on the present moment during the day. This helps us from drifting off into thoughts and patterns which may not serve us, and allow us to harness the great opportunities available at each moment of our lives.

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