“Grounding” The Human Body

It is common knowledge that almost all houses are electrically “grounded” to the earth. Why? It is a safety mechanism by which any accumulated current can safely be discharged and therefore the risk of electrocution and other problems associated with electrical current accumulation be avoided.

Could it be possible that “grounding” our human body could also have a significant effect on our health?

Around 1993, a cable television business man from Montana by the name of Clinton Ober, dared to ask the question. He was soon after to come across information about a paper being compiled by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and US Department of Energy (DOE) on the hazardous effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) on health. Some of the findings in their key studies were that ungrounded exposure to EMF causes:

• Changes in the rhythym of release of important hormones in the body (the “circadian rhythym”)

• Accelerated tumor growth

• Impaired release of the sleep hormone “melatonin” by the pineal gland

• Decreased immune system function

It seemed clear to Ober that humans did not evolve insulated from the earth. In fact native cultures probably had a much closer contact with the Earth in all senses of the word. This included having direct physical contact of our skin with the earth for the majority of the day.

Ober decided to test his theory that grounding the human body would relieve a lot of health problems. He created a study using dissipative carbon fiber mattress pads which could be placed under fitted sheets, which were connected via a ground wire to a ground rod driven into the earth near their bedroom window. The grounded mattress pads were designed to replicate the ground plane of the earth in the bed.

Despite being a non-controlled study of only 60 participants, his results were significant and decisive:

• 85% went to sleep quicker

• 93% reported sleeping better throughout the night

• 100% reported waking, being and feeling more rested

• 82% experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness

• 74% experienced the elimination of/or a reduction of chronic back and joint pain

• 78% reported improved general health

In addition, several subjects in the study also reported experiencing significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea and hypertension.

This study was soon followed up by Dr Russell Whitten of Ojai, CA, who performed a similar grounding of 35 of his own patients and found similar results.

Overall the results indicated that the human body, with loss of ground contact, is now operating in a bio-electrically stressed state.

Many people report a more restful sleep after waking on the ground barefoot before sleeping. Now we have technology that can ground us while sleeping, and when awake and functioning in the world. It is technology that can antidote the harmful effects of other technology. For more details visit To purchase a grounding bed pad in Australia, click here.

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