Why Living Foods?

The raw and living food movement has a simple philosophy. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. This is certainly a truism when it comes to diet. Research has shown that around 50% of vitamins, 50% of protein, 80% of minerals, 100% of enzymes and the majority of biophoton energy is destroyed when food is cooked beyond approximately 50 degrees celsius. This is significant information for those in search of optimal health.

Research by Paul Kouchakoff in 1930 showed that after ingestion of cooked food, there is a phenomenon called digestive leukocytosis which takes place. This means that the number of white blood cells increases significantly and the proportions of the subtypes of white blood cells changes, as if the blood was mounting a response to a foreign invader. This effect was not seen when raw and living foods were ingested.

Furthermore when significant quantities of raw and living foods were added to a cooked meal, the phenomenon of digestive leukocytosis did not occur. This is a significant statement for the power of adding more living foods into our diet, and may mean that live foods have a beneficial effect upon the immune system.

Other research by Prof Francis Popp of Germany has shown that biophoton emissions can be measured in food through use of a biophoton analyzer. Through using such a device, he was able to note a direct correlation of the health of a person with the level of biophoton energy in their system.

His research further went on to show that organic raw and living foods had up to eight times the amount of biophoton energy as raw foods in general, and that cooked foods had almost no biophoton energy at all.

Although certain constitution types such as vata Ayurvedic types, or those with low spleen yang, as per traditional chinese medicine have been traditionally cautioned against raw and living food diets, with the advent of massive variety within the raw and living food movement, experience has shown that people with these constitutions can gently transition to a raw and living food diet with great benefit.

Reference: Gabriel Cousens M.D.,  “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine”, 2003, North Atlantic Books. Purchase from Raw Pleasure

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